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Kaiku Aloe Vera

What is Kaiku Aloe Vera?

Kaiku Aloe Vera is a range of creamy yoghourts with Aloe Vera pieces.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant which originated in the Red Sea area, and which can survive in very harsh climatic conditions. It grows to a height of 60 cm, and is characterized by its thick, fleshy, grey-green leaves that all come directly off the flower spike, which can be up to 7 cm thick.

It has been demonstrated that Aloe Vera possesses over 100 natural active substances; few other plants come near to having this number. Aloe Vera is one of nature's most impressive creations, due to its effects on our most durable organ: our skin. It counteracts loss of moisture from the skin and makes it more elastic. It's also known that Aloe Vera smoothes out small skin wrinkles, and promotes moisture retention in the skin.

Why consume Kaiku Aloe Vera?

Kaiku Aloe Vera regenerative yoghourt is a natural, preservative-free product, semi-skimmed and smooth.

The spooning yoghourt contains 15 g of Aloe Vera. This is a high proportion and is composed of 100% Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

The queen of medicinal plants

The fresh, revitalizing taste of Kaiku Aloe Vera yoghourt helps bring out both inner harmony and external beauty.

Kaiku Aloe Vera is an out-and-out revolution in the Spanish dairy market, being the first diary product with properties that improve skin texture. Kaiku Aloe Vera has a dual action when eaten:

- An inner effect beneficial to health.

- A humectant for the skin.

Enjoy the full Kaiku Aloe Vera range

You can enjoy the range in the following formats:

Spooning yoghourt 150 g (natural and mango).

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