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The Kaiku quality model

Today the name Kaiku is synonymous with quality – a quality that would not be possible without the dairy farmers on whose labours the whole organization depends, and who provide the firm and the brand with their main added value: the quality of the fresh raw milk. It's the dairy farmers' co-operatives which, day in day out, give of their best, giving the organization the best chance of carrying on growing, innovating and seeking out new pathways for developing.

At Kaiku we have a standing commitment to improving our products every day, by selecting the best fresh raw milk from the best dairy farms, collected daily with utmost care so as to retain all its properties and stay in perfect condition.

Kaiku milk undergoes stringent testing on the farm and at the packaging plant to ensure the highest quality for our products, and total customer satisfaction.

Thanks to that steady vigilance Kaiku was the first dairy company in the state to become certified by Aenor (the Spanish Standards Association) to ISO 9001, whereby our products meet European Union-wide quality standards.

The Co-operative model developed by Kaiku offers, above all, one fundamental advantage: closeness. The closeness of the dairy farms to the production plants and the extensive logistics network, made up of a fleet of over 200 isothermal milk tankers, ensure that our products reach you in the shortest possible time and in the best possible condition. Thus you always enjoy the freshest dairy produce, besides which you're supporting the dairy farms in your environs.

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